Goddess Laviras

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Place Category: Body Worker, Relationship Coaching, Sensual Massage, and Tantra Massage

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  • Tantric Retreat with Goddess Laviras

    Why a Private Tantric Retreat ?

    Do you ever feel frustrated that everything that you want is out of your control ? Would you like to finally move past energetic and emotional blockages that challenge you and inhibit your life experience ?

    Do you seem to enjoy a life that most people envy whilst in reality you actually have a sense of deep longing inside or do you feel something is missing? Have you ever thought you would you like to make a real difference in your life and in the lives around you but you don’t know where to start ?

    Would you like to know how to shift your vibration to create more harmonious relationships, more satisfying work experiences, financial abundance and personal life success ? Goddess Laviras Intikana invites you to immerse yourself with the divine at her 3 day Tantric Retreat.

    When you arrive at her temple you will feel immediately in awe of the beautiful energies that Laviras has created and works to surround herself in daily. Each moment, each movement is purposeful, ecstatic prayer of reverence and gratitude. Her lightness of being is a delight and a joy to be around and you will feel the corners of your mouth upturn in satisfaction at the ease of her conversation and the sophistication and beauty of her abode.

    Let Laviras guide you into an intimate experience of living in oneness that will touch the center of your being until you are filled and overflowing so that you may leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

    Over three exquisite days you will enjoy:

    • One on One mentoring to discover your true purpose
    • Tantric Bodywork catering for your level of experience and need
    • Self Care rituals
    • Personalised, guided spiritual insights
    • Meditation and sound healing
    • Beautifully prepared and nourishing whole foods

    From this retreat you will take home useful tools and techniques that will enhance the quality of your relationship and sexual experiences, create more happiness, satisfaction, joy and personal success.

    Example day plan (note all daily activities will enable you to embody tantra through observation and practice) :
    7am : Meditation and intention set for the day
    7.30 : Breakfast prepared and served by Goddess Laviras
    8.30-10.30 : Coast walk at one of Sydney’s most beautiful beaches, be shown Laviras’ favourite intimate sacred places known to very few.
    11-12pm : Outdoor Sound Healing
    1pm : Lunch at one of Sydney’s best cafes
    3pm : Tantric bodywork and breathwork
    5pm : Light Evening Meal
    6-8pm : Tantric Sensual practice

    About Laviras

    Goddess Laviras began her journey into Tantra and embodying the sacred mysteries as a way of life over 20 years ago. She had at the time been a student of many different spiritual practices but none gave her the deep understanding and fulfilment until attending her first tantra workshop, It was clear from the beginning that she had to share this amazing practice with others. Laviras is passionate about assisting others to overcome personal challenges and loves to share her divine wisdom for the good of all. Making a commitment to follow her guided intuition, Laviras allowed tantra to dramatically transform her life. It has been her mission over many years of dedicated practice to bring her own powerful insights and creative healing techniques into her sessions. She is proud to be a unique leader in the healing arts by creating a new and exciting living tantra philosophy, as we move forward into a new age of spiritual awareness.

    Laviras has studied the Esoteric Art of Sexuality throughout most her adult life, including both eastern and western traditions, with the very best teachers from around the world. Now a master of tantric practices, she has helped hundreds of her clients to improve their relationships, experience more connection with themselves, enjoy more ecstatic sexual experiences and improve beyond measure their personal life and financial success.
    “It is my privilege and honour to have you join me in my sacred space so that we can explore your hearts desire and find your passion for living. Tantra for me is a way of life, and it is a joy to allow you the opportunity to be immersed in its wisdom and beauty through practices we will share together and that you will keep with you always.”

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