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The test study was conducted with 75 patients ranging between the ages of 25 and 50. The duration of the study was over a period of 84 days. At the start of the study all participants were in good health. Great care was taken to ensure none of the participants had any conditions like diabetes, HIV or any form of heart disease. Another criteria was that none of the participants were taking any form of medication that would result in low testosterone levels or erectile dysfunction.

Each male taking part was in a monogamous, heterosexual relationship.

This was a triple-blind study, which means that even the researchers didn't know at the time which subjects were given VigRX Plus® and which subjects received a placebo. During the 84 day trial the researchers checked the subjects on 3 separate occasions to assess the progress. Subjects were checked on days 28, 56 and day 84 (last day) of the test.


Result #1:

  • 62.82% of the subjects reported an INCREASE in their ability to maintain an erection during penetration.

  • Result #2:

  • A 58.97% INCREASE in the subjects' ability to penetrate their partner.

  • Result #3:

  • Subjects reported a 22.49% INCREASE in quantity of orgasms.

  • Result #4:

  • Subjects reported a 47.00% INCREASE in sex drive and desire.

  • Result #5:

  • Subjects reported a 71.43% INCREASE in sexual and intercourse satisfaction.

  • Result #6:

  • Subjects reported a 61.00% INCREASE in overall sexual satisfaction.

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